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Vi är väldigt exalterade och stolta över vår nuvarande och ständigt växande lista av BEET IT kunder vilken även innehåller många ledande internationella fotboll och rugby lag, Englands OS trupp, cykellag på UCI World Tour m.fl. Läs här vad våra favorit idrottare har att säga om BEET IT

Senaste Idrottarna

Triathlon - Gillian Curr Sanders

När man tävlar på högsta nivå är kosten otroligt viktig. Min syster är dietist och introducerade mig till röbetjuice ; Nu använder jag BEET IT SPORT som en del av mina tävlingsförberedelse. En annan riktigt bra sak med BEET IT är att den bara innehåller naturliga produkter.

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Rugby League -
Shaun Ainscough

BEET IT SPORT är en oersättlig del av min match dags rutin. Jag tar SPORT shots innan varje match och skulle rekommendera dem till alla idrottare.

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Figure Skating - Phil Harris

FKonståkning är en mycket teknisk sport och jag leter alltid efter sätt att förbättra min prestation. Så jag började titta på BEET IT då det är en helt naturlig produkt. Snabbt blev BEET IT en självklar del av min kost och mina tävlingsförberedelser, och har nu varit det i flera år. Jag rekommenderar alla idrottare att använda BEET IT för att prestera bättre.

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Athletics - Matthew Chant

Som 400m löpare, använder jag regelbundet BEET IT Sport för både hårda träningspass och tävlingar. Jag rekommenderar alla att använda BEET IT Sport som man vill puscha sig till sin fulla potential.

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Swimming - Eleanor Faulkner

BEET IT SPORT shots hjälper mig både genom mina dagliga träning och mina tävlingar. Det är en fantastisk naturlig produkt som nu mer är en viktig del av min kost. De har hjälpt till att förbättra mig som simmare och jag skulle rekommendera dem till alla idrottare.

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Fotboll - Crystal Palace FC

Vi har använt BEET IT sensi januari 2014 och detta har bidragit till en formtoppning vilken har hjälpt oss kvar i Premier League en säsong till. Shots är extremt populära bland spelarna och vi anänder up nästan 4 lådor under uppladdningen inför en match.

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Cycling - Mike Auger

Jag är alltid intresserad av att testa nya saker som kan hjälpa mig att toppa mina prestationer, så jag var väldigt nyfiken på att testa BEET IT Sport. Den blev snabbt en integread del av min tränings och tävlingsrutin. Det viktigaste för mig är att den inte innehåller en massa kemikalier vilket verkar vara standard bland de flesta andra sporttillskotten på marknaden..

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Beth Carter

I started taking BEET IT shots before training sessions and I look forward to experimenting more with the shots. I really would recommend BEET IT shots to anyone who is serious about their sport.

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Aly Dixon

I have read a lot of the science behind BEET IT, and now use the shots on a regular basis, especially in the build-up to a marathon, when I have to do long, hard tempo runs.

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John O'Regan

As a competitive endurance athlete, I'm always looking for something that will allow me to maximise my training time by increasing the quality of my sessions; during periods of heavier training, I take a BEET IT SPORT shot before harder or longer training sessions. It's an added bonus knowing that you're using something that's natural, free from chemicals and is easily digestible.

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Jonny Mellor

I started taking the BEET IT SPORT shots initially before interval sessions and races, knocking 10 seconds off my 5km PB and winning the UK 3,000m Indoor Championships. I am looking forward to experimenting more with the shots and taking them on a more regular basis. I would highly recommend BEET IT shots to anyone looking to get the best out of themselves.

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Nathan Woodward

I have been using BEET IT SPORT shots for the last few months. On race day, it's easy to take in your bag and it's an easy way to get natural, healthy fuel in to the system - as an athlete, every little thing can go a long away, so I would recommend the BEET IT shots to all sports performers!

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Stevie Stockton

As a young aspiring athlete, transitioning to the senior international stage, I am constantly looking for new ways to improve and get the edge over my competitors. I find BEET IT SPORT especially useful in the lead up to races and would absolutely recommend them to anyone who is serious about their sport.

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Gareth Warbutron

I started taking one BEET IT shot per day. It's very easy to take and tastes great - I highly recommend it to anyone!

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Tom Lancaster

I started to use BEET IT products in conjunction with my training for my world record attempt - The Longest Climb. The BEET IT SPORT shots are a powerfully tasting product! I aimed to climb an 8m wall 1,106 times without stopping, and thanks to BEET IT, I was able to do it!

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Josh Reid

I ride at least every other day and drink BEET IT SPORT shots daily. I've been able to extend my training rides and am getting stronger. I won't give up my beetroot juice!

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Tom Fitzpatrick

I started using BEET IT in 2011 and since then it has become a main component of my training and racing ritual for top events both in the UK and Europe. You can spend thousands of pounds on lightweight components for your bike, but if you don't take care of diet and nutrition you may never get those big performance gains you want.

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Pro Cycle Hire Mallorca UK Racing Team

A handful of our riders have long been advocates of BEET IT for the past couple of seasons, taking the SPORT shots prior to target race events. Of course, word spread throughout the team, and anything that can naturally help us get the most out of our riders in road cycling or time trials has our interest! All the riders at Pro Cycle Hire Mallorca UK Racing Team are pretty excited about seeing just how many victories and personal bests they can get this season...

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Nick Popham

Winning the Midland Veteran Championships is 2012 was a great achievement for me, as I've only been racing since I was 39, two years ago. I'm top five national mountain biker and looking at a podium third in midlands WMCCL CycleCross series. I always use BEET IT SPORT shots for longer Endurance MTB events. Even when you are older you can achieve great things with training and support - I especially like their natural credentials!

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James Brown

The silver medal really was a shock to us and many others. I started taking the concentrated SPORT shots at the beginning of our December training camp. I'm nearly 48 now and have returned to competitive sport after a lengthy absence. I'm not going to stop taking beetroot shots, that's for sure! I've converted the rest of the team now; in fact, we all took the shots in LA!

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Donna Williams

I am convinced BEET IT played a major part throughout my training - it was brilliant! I was put onto beetroot juice by my trainer, Dave le Grys (World Masters Track Champion) - he is a legend in the world of cycling and swears by BEET IT.

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Phil Sanger

I sampled a BEET IT SPORT shot during a very intense training period when my body was exhausted and I was struggling to cope with the demands of the work. After taking BEET IT SPORT I was able to enjoy my performances a lot more, so they are now a regular part of my diet and wouldn't go on stage without one.

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Watford FC

As a professional football club, we are always looking to gain that crucial edge over the competition. Since making BEET IT SPORT shots available as part of our training and match preparation, we would recommend them to any athlete.

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Becky Downie

Working towards my second Olympic Games, I used the BEET IT SPORT shots 2-3 times a week for my hardest workouts on all four pieces of apparatus.

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Jessica Brooker

BEET IT SPORT shots are the most ingenious product I have ever come across! The idea of a natural product is so appealing, as I don't like to put artificial colours and extra sugars into my body unnecessarily. Beetroot, I believe in you!

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Caius Boat Club

Juggling our academic studies with the endurance training of rowing is challenging to say the least. Let's see what the natural properties of BEET IT SPORT can do!

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Dave Bell

Rowing is a sport that requires huge amounts of endurance training and to be successful it's important you make every session count. BEET IT shots have helped me get the most out of every session and I'm certain I will using them in the summer racing season.

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Emma Cockcroft

Studying at the hub of beetroot research, I decided to give BEET IT a try. With an increasingly fine margin between winning and losing, anything that will give that added edge is surely worth it. The boat club are going BEET IT mad this season!

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Emma Dyson -
Vesta Women

BEET IT SPORT shots are one of the secrets of our success - we took these for the week running up to our race, putting huge amount of time into our training. Anything that helps us get that extra competitive edge is definitely worth it!

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Rugby League

Jon Clarke

I have started using BEET IT SPORT shots this year, and they now play a vital part in my preparation for games and recovery process, which is so important in a high contact sport like Rugby League. I would recommend BEET IT to any athlete.

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Eorl Crabtree

I've being using BEET IT SPORT shots from the beginning of the 2013 season and we've had our best ever start. Every sportsman is looking for what we call 1%ers, those little bits you can add to your game to give you the edge over the opposition. I'm now hooked on BEET IT and would recommend it to anyone.

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Stuart Fielden

I found the BEET IT shots easier to take than normal juice, but personally I can and have used both. I got a few of the lads on the England tour to try the juice before games and they loved it and I know they will be carrying on using it before games - as will I.

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Joe Irving

I was recommended BEET IT shots by a friend, so I now take one a week whilst training and one a day whilst at race weekends. I now train harder in the build-up to races to improve my fitness and ride at full speed and with full concentration for longer in the race. I was thrilled to find a product that is not just a gimmick, so would recommend it to anyone who is passionate about being successful in their discipline.

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Stefan Hoggan

Competing at the Paralympic Trials in London in front of 5000 people was the highlight of my swimming career to date. I have been using BEET IT SPORT shots for a while now and they will definitely be with me while I work towards the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in 2014 and the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

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Craig Rodgie

I have been using the BEET IT Sport shots every morning now for the last couple of weeks. BEET IT is now a big part of my training.

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James Crisp

BEET IT shots are one of the most natural products out there. They help me to push myself harder week in week out in the pool and have become an integral part of my training regime.

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Barry Murphy

I train using BEET IT shots and have incorporated them into all my training! I would recommend them to anyone.

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Tom Bishop

Triathlon is all about trying to be as efficient as possible, in terms of technical aspects on the bike, as well as muscular strength and aerobic endurance. BEET IT is essential to my racing and training, and I now take the SPORT shots on a regular basis.

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Todd Skipworth

I was first recommended to take BEET IT SPORT shots in the lead up to the London Olympics, for rowing races over 2km. Having since moved across to triathlon, and more specifically Ironman distance triathlons, I have found the BEET IT SPORT shots to be necessary in my training and racing. It's awesome for any sports enthusiast!

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Daniel Sims

I tried BEET IT as an alternative to the high caffeine, chemical laden stimulant drinks currently on the market. As BEET IT is from natural ingredients it is a perfect healthy alternative. As a fitness trainer, as well as an elite triathlete, I highly recommend BEET IT to my clients and athletes I coach.

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Greg Lewis

BEET IT is ideal fuel for multi-sport training; easily digestible to take on board, and it tastes natural, unlike the chemical energy shakes.

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Abbie Thorrington

I have always been a beetroot fan, and the BEET IT SPORT shots were recommended to me by a nutritionist and sports scientist. I have used BEET IT in my last three triathlons and I would recommend it to all!

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Llewellyn Holmes

I am always looking for advantages to performance both in competition and in training. I take all my nutrition from natural sources, therefore I was happy when I discovered BEET IT SPORT! BEET IT is part of my training and I certainly would not want to compete without it.

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Alan Cole

I took to triathlon late in life at the age of 40; coming to it older and wiser means I did lots of research that led me to try BEET IT SPORT shots. As a natural, healthy vegetable drink it couldn't do any harm, and I love the taste!

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